Brian Ford on piano brings to Plan B Jazz the individualistic style that emerged from his career in the Royal Navy where opportunities to jam ashore in foreign ports exposed him to all the shades and colours of music worldwide. He now shares his passion for jazz with a new audience.


Listen to some of my original songs below:
A Child of the Universe – sung by Renae Suttie

Bossa Amor – sung by Renae Suttie

5 over 4 – sung by Renae Suttie

I’m the One – sung by Renae Suttie

Goodbye Itacaré Рsung by Renae Suttie

Samba Knights – sung by Renae Suttie

Scatter Brained – sung my Renae Suttie

Through Time – sung my Renae Suttie

rue Saint-Germain – sung by Renae Suttie

A Child of the Universe – recorded in Nashville by ParamountSong

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