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Plan B, a modern jazz quartet is formed from some of the Coast’s most talented musicians, focuses on the Great American Songbook jazz standards of composers such as Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, Miles Davis and the many others who, together, defined 20th Century music. Our songs and PlanB’s unique interpretations capture the essence of a bygone, but not forgotten age of unforgettable music.
Our quartet’s unique style derives from years of collective experience as practitioners of Blues, Rock, Reggae, Steel Bands, Folk and of course Jazz.
The dives and haunts of smokey clubs and dubious establishments where jazz was born are all but gone; but the music never dies.
From the wail of a mournful saxophone to the haunting vibes of the flute, PlanB Jazz brings a plethora of musical variations to some of the best loved music in the world.

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